What if you could

look into your

customer mind?


Neurolution combines science-based neuromarketing with behavioral economics to help your company better understand the conscious and unconscious motivations and decisions of your customers.

Understanding and action

Adapt your services and communication to the needs of your customers. Emotionalize your digital marketing. Significantly increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, efficiency and sales.

Feeling. Think. Act.

Customer behavior is not irrational or random. It is based on unconscious heuristics and motives. Target your customers’ emotional and reward centers. Let the customer experience happen the way they want it to.

Manage customer experiences

Customers make purchasing decisions unconsciously and emotionally. Use the latest findings of behavioral economics and its scientific methods for your marketing strategies. Find out what your customers really think, feel and say and recognize their true motives.

Kundenerlebnisse optimieren mit wissenschaftlichen Methoden


Companies often ask themselves whether this approach is actually efficient. Ask yourself on which principles companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google build their success. They conceive of their products and services as experiences and use unconscious ways in which our brains work. Customers not only use your services, but adapt them to their habits and make them a daily ritual. Neurolution helps your company to establish these mechanisms.

Customer satisfaction

Customer loyalty



Purchases become experiences.
Products become passions.
Customers become fans.

Services for your company

User Experience Management

Customers experience your services differently than you think. Companies track their own business processes with operational data without being able to identify which buying motives really drive your customers. We help your company optimize and manage user experiences in a data-driven way.

Digital Experience

Connecting the modern world can be complex. Neurolution helps you shorten the distance between customers and business. Together we build intuitive, user-centric applications that motivate, make happy and communicate clearly.

Neuromarketing Strategie Online Marketing Neurowissenschaften

Data Science

Data is the new currency in the information age. Neurolution helps you to better understand your own customer data. Together we see dependencies between operational processes and customer experiences that impact your business.

Computer mit wilden Neuromarketing oder Daten Zeug

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